Company introduction

Poultry factory LLP “Zhas-Kanat 2006” was founded in February of 2006 and started production in 2007.

In 2010 within the Industrialization map of Kostanai region, Company has implemented the 1st investment project “Development and Creation of Modernized Poultry Factory with total Capacity of 65 Million Eggs per Year” with 400 thousand bird places (including 300 thousand bird places of production herd and 100 thousand bird places for young growth) the project cost made 702,7 million tenge. The reconstruction of complex buildings and facilities was carried out within the first investment project. Processing equipment of the leading European producers (Ukraine, Germany, Spain) was purchased and installed, completely automated feed milling plant manufactured by Himel company (Germany) was purchased and put into operation.



In 2013 LLP “Zhas-Kanat 2006” has started implementation of 2nd investment project “Modernization of Poultry Factory”, worth 945 million tenge, calculated for 2013-2014. This project was included in the Program of the Forced industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Main objective of the project was increasing of poultry livestock of the factory and production by 2,5 times. Therefore LLP “Zhas-Kanat 2006” has opened a credit line in the amount of 808 million tenge at second-tier bank in October, 2012: for repair, reconstruction and modernization of the property, plant and equipment, acquisition of new equipment. By means of borrowed funds 6 hen houses were reconstructed, 6 sets of the cellular equipment were delivered and installed for keeping chicken and laying hens.  

As a result of implementation of this project, the general livestock of poultry factory will constitute 11 hen houses for 937 120 bird places (234% in relation to 2010), including: seven hen houses for keeping industrial herd with a total capacity of 673 120 (224% by 2010) bird places and four hen houses for keeping young growth with a total capacity of 264 000 bird places (264% by 2010). Production of eggs has increased up to 200 million pieces/year (308% of design capacity of the investment project of 2010). From 4th quarter of 2014 until the end of 2015 implementation of the 3rd investment project, worth more than 840 million tenge is planned. During implementation of this investment project it is planned to increase livestock number, by means of reconstruction and a construction of hen houses (No. 1, No. 6, No. 4A) therefore the number of bird places will be increased by 151 400 in comparison with 2014 and will constitute 1 088 520 bird places (272% in relation to 2010), and production of eggs will constitute more than 250 million pieces/year (385% of design capacity of the investment project of 2010). Also within implementation of the 3rd investment project would be bought the modern equipment which allows to avoid: 1)  manual work, 2) production losses, 3) cost value by cost reduction due to production automation.



Feed-preparation house capacity of 20 tons per hour as the existing capacity of 5 tons per hour won’t cope with increased feed production volumes that can ruin plans for production (now we can make at most 60 tons of compound feeds a day, and in connection with increase in a livestock, need for compound feeds will make 150 tons per day). 2) The eggs sorting machine for 120 000 eggs/hour 3) System for transportation of “Anaconda” eggs 4) Cellular 10 level equipment for keeping the laying hens for the reconstructed hen houses (No. 4A, No. 1, No. 6). 5) Increase the machine and tractor park and special equipment: acquisition of 2 KamAZ with trails, 2 MTZ tractors, 1 wheel loader, 2 ZSK for delivery and loading the feed in the bunker of hen houses.