Egg – from a chicken, levels – from the State


Only one of hanhouses of Rudnensk poultry factory “Zhas-Kanat 2006” has about 50000 chickens, served by only two poultry maids and a fitter. The rest of staff is replaced by computerized equipment, manufactured by Spanish company Zucami, purchased within an investment project on State programme of forced industrial-innovation development.

Chickens of Holland breed Hisex White change their Sverdlovsk residency at stud farm to Rudnensk one in the age of one day. 100 000 new “yard birds” is coming with one each lot. As says the Deputy Director of LLP “Zhas-Kanat 2006”, Mr. Sergey Borsch, meanwhile in our country there is no factory, that can handle this capacity. First, the tribal material is being placed in facility for young growth and being grown up to 100-110 days. Then it’s being moved to the facility of  commercial herd, where, actually, the final result is reached – white eggs.

Recently Sergey Grigoryevich has come back from Moscow seminar, organized by All-union institute of poultry industry, where Rudnensk representative was the only one from Kazakhstan.

Conference topics were different – from application of economical LD-lamps in poultry industry, to production of iodine containing, vitaminized eggs, processing them into mélange – frozen mix of white and yolk of an egg. And since in our conditions these innovations are only studied, Rudninsk factory can confidently talk about application of high-protein herbal substance gluten. Not all of our Russian colleagues use this expensive component, but high quality production is worth it.

It turned out that at a stable balanced nutrition, chicken do not feel the seasons, which means they neither have a spring avitaminosis. Lighting mode – from 8 to 16 hours, indoor temperature from 18 to 22 centigrade. It can be described like this: six batteries 6 levels each. Level height – 50 cm. Total length of cages – 53 meters, 10 chicken in each. Collection of eggs is made by conveyor. In plans of forced company development of the company for this year – technical poultry house – for 9(!) levels. Which will increase the capacity of production, add more work places to existing 70.

According to words of Deputy Director on production, last year corn failure can have a negative influence on feed base for poultry, which consists of corn on 60-70 percent. But, thanks to Governmental help, chicken didn’t feel this problem, they are active and productive. And their eggs were appreciated not only by the citizens of Kostanai region, but Almaty and Astana too.