Production of high quality
health chicken eggs.


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Poultry factory LLP “Zhas-Kanat 2006” was founded in February of 2006 and started production in 2007.

In 2010 within the Industrialization map of Kostanai region, Company has implemented the 1st investment project "Development and Creation of Modernized Poultry Factory with total Capacity of 65 Million Eggs per Year" with 400 thousand bird places (including 300 thousand bird places of production herd and 100 thousand bird places for young growth) the project cost made 702,7 million tenge.

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In Kostanai region LLP “Zhas-Kanat 2006” modernizes the poultry factory

LLP “Zhas-Kanat 2006” modernizes the poultry factory In Rudnyi city, Kostanai region.

Egg – from a chicken, levels – from the State

Only one of hanhouses of Rudnensk poultry factory “Zhas-Kanat 2006” has about 50000 chickens, served by only two poultry maids and a fitter.